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Meet Camille Marino, the brilliant artist behind CFACES, whose unconventional journey led to the creation of incredible pieces of art that are truly one of a kind. Camille's artistic journey began with her strange visions of morphing faces, which she initially thought were psychic messages. However, she soon realized that these visions were the result of her anxiety, which caused her to be unable to sleep for an entire year. Despite the trauma and fear caused by these visions, Camille managed to channel her anxiety into something beautiful and powerful.


Her transformative and scary experiences helped her to develop a unique art style that defies categorization, featuring dreamlike depictions of the human body, face, and features. Camille's art is not just a product of her own personal struggles, but a reflection of her desire to shine a light on the anxious mind. Through her creative outlets, she has found a way to express her anxiety and panic in a positive way, and in turn, bring comfort to others who may be going through similar experiences. While Camille has not completely overcome her anxiety, she has found solace in her art and continues to push herself creatively each day.


In the next five years, she envisions creating an Art + Nomad studio in high populated international destinations, providing a supportive community for artists who are away from home. Camille is passionate about people, community, and connections, and her art reflects this in every way. Get ready to be captivated by the unique vision of CFACES and the incredible talent of Camille Marino.

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