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Camille Marino, the artist behind CFACES

What started out as weird visions of morphing faces, I thought I was psychic.


And this is the truth behind where my art comes from.

I couldn't sleep for 1 year in fear of these faces that would come to me when I closed my eyes.

It has caused a lot of trauma and anxiety of being alone.

This transformative and scary part of my life really has helped me define my art style.

Although I dont want to pin down to own genre,  because they come in many forms and are constantly evolving.

One consistency you can find is a dreamlike state of the human body, face and features. 


Anxiety turned into Art.

Now that I have found light in my anxiety and panic, I use creative outlets to shed light on the anxious mind. 

I am in NO WAY healed or have gotten rid of my anxiety.


But through alot of hard work, pushing my creativity and alot of paint I feel as if I heal a little bit each day.


I currently live in Mexico City. I had to do something terrifying (like leaving the states and the comfort of my family) to really rev up my anxiety LOL.

I like a challenge.

But I envision myself creating an Art + Nomad studio in high populated international destinations.


So artist who are away from home can find comfort in a local art community and continue to grow their business.

Its all about community and connections.

I love people too much to work alone for the rest of my life.

Where do I want

to be in

5 years?

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